Beta 2 is here!

Welcome to the second Beta release of RunThere!

This release has been brewing for a while, but we’re sure you’ll think it was worth the wait.

We’ve focused on adding new features and improving those we had. Many features still sit on the drawing board and many others are close to being finished (like better elevation graphs). For now, enjoy the new RunThere!

Just log in to your account to experience the changes. Don’t have an account? Sign up now for free.

New Features:

  • Running Log! Save your times, distances, mood, and notes
  • Profiles! Share a photo and info with other users (more on this feature is soon to come)
  • Settings! Change between metric and english units, etc.
  • Treadmill! Log runs without routes.


  • Easily rename your routes
  • Featured routes appear on your home page
  • ‘My Places’ editor centers on your home country
  • Better geocoding for Canada and the UK
  • Faster route loading
  • Log runs from the RouteViewer


  • All routes should now load, fixed a ‘My Places’ bug
  • Sidebar searchbox is specific to your country.

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