Route search and new map icons are here!

routeSearch_viewingrouteAfter saying “coming soon” for way too long, route search has arrived! We’ve also taken this opportunity to update all the icons that show up on the map. Here they are…

Routes + Mile markers

blue route
green route
small blue route
small green route


route search A
route search B
route search C

My Places


How to use the search feature: When you’re viewing a route, just click on the “Find routes nearby” button in the sidebar or click on “Show routes nearby” from the route popup. We’ll be adding a dedicated search page as soon as we can.

route view Here’s a new icon in action!

View it for yourself!

P.S. We’ve had to rename the routes in the route editor from Route A and Route B to “My Route” and “My 2nd Route” to avoid confusion with route search results. Hopefully it’s not too confusing for you long-time loyal users 🙂

As always, we love hearing from you! Send us your thoughts »

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