New feature: GPS integration

gps-iconToday we’re very happy to release a feature that many of you have requested. Introducing GPS integration! You can now log a new activity by uploading your GPS data (in the widely-supported GPX file format). We’ll create a new route and record all the extras like speed, heart rate, elevation, and date. You just need to choose the type of activity and tell us how it went.

Ready to try it out? Simply go to the Log an activity page. Select the “Use a Route” option and then click “Upload from GPS”.


Export a GPX file from your device and save it to your computer. Select the file for upload. For Garmin devices: Use Garmin Training Center


When the file is uploaded, you’ll see a map showing your route along with your total time and date. Then, just complete the rest of the form to log your activity.

show GPX data

Your new FitBlog post will show a small GPS icon for uploaded activities. Also, the new route from your GPX file is automatically added to your route list.


We need your feedback!

As we developed this feature, we realized how difficult it can be to understand all of the different data types that can be found in a GPX file. If you find that your GPX file does not work correctly, please email us (support [at] a copy of the file so we can improve! We will also be adding better visualization of heart rate, timing, and elevation data as you request it!

Other updates:

  • Added Elliptical to activity choices
  • Viewed routes should load very quickly (especially for longer routes)
  • Embedded routes now show mile/km markers
  • Updated user profiles with activity info

Please let us know if you have any questions or want to share your ideas on how to improve our service.

1 thought on “New feature: GPS integration”

  1. GPS Systems have grown to be superior day-to-day – it is simply just marvelous just what software are able to accomplish nowadays!


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