Smile! Improved Fitness Blogs, now with photos…

We’ve just launched a couple of new Fitness Blog improvements. Now, you can upload photos to each activity post on RunThere! An image is worth a thousand words, so let’s see how this makes things better. As you’ll see, while you log a new activity, just click “Add a Photo”, choose an image to upload, and fill out the rest of form.

upload photo


Photos are a great way to share your workouts. Inspire friends after a tough workout, track your weight-loss goals visually, or share a great view from your last bike ride, run or hike.


Try it now by logging a new activity! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. More features to come, stay tuned!

New Fitness Blog Privacy controls

With this release, we also added a better way to manage your Fitness Blog privacy and sharing. You can now control who gets to see the routes you used on running, biking, and other outdoor activities separately from who gets to the rest of your information. For example, if you can set your posts to be fully public, while only letting your approved RunThere friends see which route(s) you’re running.


Find these new settings by visiting your own Fitness Blog and look for the “Sharing & Privacy” button.

Other changes

  • New 25-yard swimming pool, for our U.S. users
  • A few bugfixes for group events and route searches, and new posts from a route.
  • Cleaned up the Fitness Blog layout

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