RunThere is becoming FriendFit!

As a RunThere user, you’ve probably seen a few hints of our re-branding process. Over the past year, we kept hearing over and over again that you wanted to share more types of fitness activities. In the next week or two, will transition to! Don’t worry, you won’t need to create a new account, change your embedded routes, and your data is safe. Any links to the old domain name will just point to the new site.


Why the name change?

RunThere was created originally to measure running routes. Soon after, we added biking to the mix, and it became clear that other sports would follow. RunThere is now a place to share all your fitness activities, and the service has outgrown its name.

When we introduce ourselves to potential users, sometimes they say, “Well, I don’t run, but I like to bike and swim”. With FriendFit, it’ll be easier to communicate that we’re not just for runners, but that any athlete at any fitness level is welcome!

The new name needed to reflect our vision of a fitness social network, where friends and family motivate each other to get healthy. We spent a few months brainstorming names, and last month we finally decided on the name. It’s easy to spell, rolls off the tongue, and most importantly, it was available! So what do you think? Send us your feedback.

Account Access

When we’re ready to flip the switch, there’s no need to do anything. We’ll point you to the right location, and you can use your same username/password information to access your account.

1 thought on “RunThere is becoming FriendFit!”

  1. I like the rebranding … definitely. But more important, please get your ajax together so we can post fitness log entries from facebook without having to jump off the site.


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