Track calories burned and heartrate

We’re happy to announce some new features we’ve just released!


Burned calories

A lot of you (especially personal trainers) have asked for calorie tracking and now it’s here! For each activity you do, we compute how many calories (or kJ) you burn. We calculate the calories based on the activity type, your speed (for running, biking, walking, etc), and your current weight.

To start tracking calories, save your weight information in the “Calories/kJ burned” section next time you log an activity. Once your weight is saved, we’ll use it for future actvitiy posts. Also, your weight is kept private and other users will only see the number of calories (or kJ) burned. If you need to change your weight, simply click “update”, enter the new weight, and click “save”.

If you use any social networks like Facebook or Twitter to post your fitness activities, calorie or kJ information is now shown in your post.


Heart-rate data

If you use a GPS device with a heart rate monitor, we now compute and show the average heart rate in your fitness blog post.

Here’s a sample of what your fitness blog data now looks like.


Other updates

  • Route lists have been redesigned so you can see a quick preview, print, embed, or rename the route. Just click the arrow to open the extra route information.
  • Once again it’s possible to rename your routes after saving them. We know this is going to make some of our users very happy!
  • Fitness blog posts that use a route now let you see a route preview, route print and embed, just like the route list

We have a lot more planned for the website including planning group activities. You’ll see more fun and exciting updates in the near future. As always, please send us a message if you run into any issues or to let us know what you think of the new improvements. That’s all for now!

1 thought on “Track calories burned and heartrate”

  1. I have been in your exact same shoes…I would say lose 20-30 lbs on just cardio before adding weights…Weight training requires a different diet then cardio. More muscle mass burns more calories, but just make sure your body can handle it first!


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