Update: Weekly and Monthly Fitness Stats

We’ve been busy working on the FriendFit iPhone app, but there were a few web updates that were just asking to happen.

Weekly & Monthly Fitness Blog Stats


Many of you have asked for monthly and weekly stats, and we listened! You can now view fitness blogs in one of three views: Weekly, Monthly, and All (which just shows the last 10 posts). View a summary showing the total number of posts, mileage, time, and calories burned for that week or month. You can use the arrows to move backwards and forwards in time. Just click the selected view in the menu below the green Fitness Blog tab. View your fitness blog now!

Track Effort & Motivation


We also worked to simplify the “Log a new activity” page and decided that it was finally time for the couch potato to retire. In its place, we now have color-coded dots to quickly keep track of how you felt during your activity. On the fitness blog post, you can see a single dot in the color chosen.

Sorted Route Lists

Our last update gave you the ability to rename routes, and now you can sort your route list by one of 3 options: date created, name, and distance. Just visit your route list and see for yourself.

That’s all for now! We’ll post some iPhone app screenshots soon.

2 thoughts on “Update: Weekly and Monthly Fitness Stats”

  1. Well i can’t offer you links. I can only offer you my best advice from personal experience. Working out changes your mind. If you’ve been depressed, it can tear you out of that state of mind. If you’re stressed from work, you’ll probably run an intense mile and feel AMAZING after. It takes strenth and it helps you deal with stress in a healthy way. After a work out, you always feel better, no matter what the stress is. Physical fitness can become an addiction (a good one) that helps manage your stress and release toxins and enjoy a natural high.


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