New FriendFit Facebook App Released

We’re very happy to announce the new FriendFit Facebook application. Now you can log activities, draw routes, and send motivation without leaving Facebook or having to log in. In fact, we’ve made it easier for your friends to motivate you! Each time you share an activity on Facebook, your friends have a chance to post some motivation on your wall. Here’s a screenshot of the app’s homescreen:

New and existing users can use FriendFit from the Facebook app, on the site, or both! All of your data, including logged activities and routes will show up in both places. Privacy controls are applied consistently to both. Try the new FriendFit Facebook app now and leave us some feedback so we can improve.

Other updates

We also took an opportunity to freshen up the FriendFit site in a few places. Fitness blog navigation is now a bit cleaner and compact, especially when the monthly or weekly summaryis displayed (see below). There’s still room for improvement, but we feel that this is a step towards simplicity.friendfit-newfitblognav.png

Also, user profiles now show a more useful activity summary. This lets you quickly see what sports and fitness activities someone enjoys, and also gives you more info about each sport. Now you can see the total number of posts, total mileage, and total time for each kind of activity.

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