Log Your Dwight Schrute Fitness Activities!


Inspired by one of our favorite shows, the Office, FriendFit will soon let you log Dwight Schrute’s favorite funtivities! Choose from an eclectic selection of Eastern Pennsylvania workouts including:

Planting Beets

Grab your seed packet and shovel. Grow some delicious beets!


Table Making

Watch a table-making demonstration, then grab your tools.


Horse Hunt

It’s in the name!


Goju Ryu Karate

From purple to black belts, all are welcome.


Fights to the Death

At least one of the participants will log this activity.

Other activities

Shunning, Paintball, Bat Trapping, Manure Distribution, Forming Alliances, Birthday Decorating, Sitting at Mega-Desk, Notarizing, and Beet Wine-making

Look for these soon when you log post a new workouts. Have another activity to suggest? Leave a comment!

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