Added Facebook Connect and fixed some bugs

Facebook Connect is here!

We’ve added support for Facebook Connect, so now you can create a RunThere account without having to sign up at all! This makes it easier to: share your routes, share your logged runs/bike rides, invite friends from Facebook, and find other RunThere users who are already your friends.

As we develop our next new features, we’ll further integrate Facebook Connect. Please consider this a soft-launch of the Connect feature and help us iron out any issues you might experience. Send us your feedback and bug reports!

Here’s an example of what your friends can see in your Facebook news feed.
It’s up to you what you share!

Facebook Connect Feed Example

Read more about Facebook Connect

We fixed some bugs, too.

  • Fixed IE6 and IE7 bug, where the exercise log calendar couldn’t be selected
  • Fixed auto-login popup during route saving
  • Fixed profile fields that weren’t updating correctly (like personal bests)

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