We're headed to Facebook for the summer!

Great news!


Two weeks ago, we received some wonderful news that we must share the RunThere community. In April, we applied to Facebook’s investment/mentorship program on a whim. After a few weeks, we learned that we were picked as one of 50 finalists! Facebook’s announcement, TechCrunch article, CNet article. That’s officially our first mention on TechCrunch 🙂

Ten days later, we learned that RunThere would be one of 18 startups to receive funding this summer as part of the fbFund REV program! We’ll be working out of the old Facebook offices in downtown Palo Alto, CA. We’ll get lots of mentorship and support as we take this site from beta to business! Facebook’s announcement, TechCrunch article.

What this means for our users

RunThere will be our primary focus for the foreseeable future and we have many features in mind that will get developed and released faster. Also, we will be working on other aspects of the RunThere service to grow our user base. More details to be shared soon. As always, contact us with any questions.

Our intro video… goes to Facebook

As part of the program, Facebook asked us to make a short introduction video to share with the other companies participating in the program. We decided to have some fun and wondered what it would be like to have RunThere’s mile markers show up in the real world. Enjoy!

Karma points

Our friend Adrian was the first blogger ever to mention RunThere. Check out his awesome SF Bay Area music blog. Thanks!

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